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  • Az ESC HFA elnökének felhívása
    2020.06.02. - MKT - Hírkategória: Általános

    In these turbulent times, the Heart Failure Association of the ESC is eager to support its growing community – exchanging new, scientific information and providing more personal, professional experiences. We see this current situation as an opportunity for the HFA to demonstrate its commitment to its members, providing the best available HF knowledge and the latest clinical advances.


    To that end, the HFA is pleased to announce the launch of its newest and most attractive online initiative, HFA Discoveries.


    Taking place from 5 to 19 June, from 17:00 to 20:00 (CEST), you will have access to content tailor-made for heart failure specialists, and also helpful for other healthcare professionals.


    HFA Discoveries will give you a blend of Late-Breaking Trials, important HFA position papers, and insights into the meeting of the Trilateral Cooperative Project, involving the HFA, the Heart Failure Society of America and the Japanese Heart Failure Society. For Late-Breaking Trials, the authors will present their research and a panel of experts will follow with a live discussion and audience participation.


    The following HFA position papers will be presented in webinars, again with live discussions:
    • AHF in settings of valvular heart disease
    • The importance of SGLT-2 in the treatment of HF


    All presentations will also be made available as video on demand, and free to My ESC account holders for a limited time. HFA Silver and Gold Members will have unlimited access.


    The HFA invites you to participate in this exciting event and, with your active participation, make it a truly unique experience.


    Warmest regards,

    Prof. Petar M. Seferović, HFA President
    Prof. Andrew Coats, HFA President-Elect
    Prof. Frank Ruschitzka, Immediate Past President